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New Paintings

Red Head Ducks and Pintails are among the most beautiful of ducks.  This guy lives in a small wildlife park near the Edison Mansion in Ft. Myers.

The Red Head.17.5" x 17.5",  Watercolor on Paper

I found this very shiny brass lamp in a thrift store.  I knew there had been a genie in it at one time.

The Genie is Out, 18" x 24",   Watercolor on Paper

We took a 9,700 drive around the country this past summer.  After crossing the southern U.S. we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway from Cambria, CA, on the southern end of Big Sur, to Portland, OR before heading back to FL diagonally across the US.  The photo opportunities, especially on the Pacific Coast, were tremendous.  This scene was on the slightly foggy Point Reyes.

Point Reyes Farm, 12' x 24", oil on canvas

My two latest Southwest paintings are from Monument Valley.  Both are on sealed Aquabord.  In the Land of Giants is currently on display in the Women Artists of the West 48th Annual Exhibition at the Price Arts Center in Bartlesville, OK.  A Trace of Water is what I saw when I went closer to investigate a dark stain on a ridge of broken sandstone.  It was a trickle of water that traced down the rock wall, giving life to a few plants and some algae that stained the wall.


In the Land of Giants, 20" x 16" Watercolor on Aquabord

A Trace of Water, 20" x 16" Watercolor on Aquabord


Down to Moab, watercolor on canvas, 16" x 20"

It has been several years since I painted on the special canvas designed for watercolor, so I thought I would try it again.  This scene is the view from a point on the road climbing up to Arches National Park, UT


Cactus Wren, watercolor on paper, image size 19" x 36"

The line-up of pears on this  heavily fruited cactus in Albuquerque caught my attention.  It had great shadow patterns but I portrayed it as being lit by the glowing setting (or rising) sun.  The composition still needed something.  What better to add to a painting of cactus than the funny, dumpy, and cheery cactus wren.


American Treasury, Watercolor and Pearl EX pigment mica on paper, image size 19" x 36"

More experimentation with Pearl EX mica pigments.  There are 3 shades of gold in the grain elevator.  What appears to be brown is shiny gold.  There are two shades of silver and several of blue in the silos.  This operation is located in the Texas Panhandle between Amarillo and New Mexico.  I snapped a quick picture of it from the highway driving home from our last trip to the Four Corner States.


Golden Apple, watercolor and Pearl EX pigmented mica on paper, image size 20" x 40"

They say the apple Eve gave to Adam was really a pomegranate.  But no one is still around who knows for sure.  I just like the contrast of the bright yellow of the apple with the pomegranates and clay bowl and it gave me a chance to experiment with several of Pearl EX's metallic pigments.  It doesn't show well in the photograph but the leaves are painted in several shades of gold pigment.