Spring Sea Grapes Reproduction

Spring Sea Grapes

Limited Edition Reproduction printed with archival inks on archival watercolor paper
Available Sizes:   Grande: 41″ x 29″ $45;   Large:  30″ x 22″, $250;  Medium:  15″ x 22″, $95;  Small:  $14: x 11″, $50
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2 thoughts on “Spring Sea Grapes Reproduction

  1. I love this painting. Saw and photographed it in my dentist’s office. (I have just completed my 1st watercolor class at Selby Gardens). Your work and spirit are unlike any I’ve ever seen .

    I’d like to order it in a large size ($250) for my living room.

    I’m going to keep looking for another work if I can find a space.

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