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My tropical paintings are all about shadow, light and color.  The sun will create sharp shadows on leaves, many of which are vibrantly colored.  The light of "the golden hour" will either burnish the foliage or cause it to glow with what appears to be an inner light.  This is what I try to capture, or embellish, in my paintings.

What is Aquabord?

Yellow Croton, and some paintings in other galleries, are painted on Aquabord.  Aquabord is an archival hardboard coated with a thin layer of archival textured kaolin clay.  It is manufactured by Ampersand, a long standing, and respected maker of artistic materials.

The image is painted on the clay then sealed with several coats of an archival, UV resistant varnish.  The gloss of the varnish and suede texture of the clay give the painting an appearance similar to oil paintings but with the effects unique to watercolor.  Best yet, the painting does not require matting or glazing.  It can be framed like an oil or acrylic painting. 



Yellow Croton Watercolor on Aquabord Image Size 14" x 11" Click on Image to Enlarge
Center Stage
A Touch of Ripe
Spring Shadows
Golden Bounty
Golden Croton
Night Grapes
Golden Bounty
Bitty Bananas
The Red One
Blue Pots
Fire Birds
The Green Shadow