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I grew up in Phoenix and went to undergraduate school at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ.  One of my suite mates was from Old Oraibi on the Hopi reservation and one of my roommates was from Window Rock, NM on the Navajo Reservation.  I was lucky enough to visit both of their homes.  I have been in love with the four corners region ever since.  I manage to get back there every couple of years.

My two latest Southwest Paints, In the Land of Giants, and A Trace of Water, are from Monument Valley.  In the Land of Giants is currently on display in the Women Artists of the West 48th National National Exhibition at the Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville, OK.  A Trace of Water is what I saw close up when I investigated a dark stain on a long ridge of fractured sandstone.  It was a trickle of water that ran down the rock wall, giving life to several places and some algae.

These are the completed SW paintings I still own.  Many have found homes with others who also love the four corners.  More are waiting for me to find to time to bring them to life.  Someday a painting of Georgia O'Keefe's mountain, a modern hogan in Monument Valley and several more scenes from Arches National Park will appear on this page.

In the Land of Giants
Watercolor on Aquabord
Image Size 20" x 16"
$950 framed
Down to Moab

Aquabord, What's that?  Several paintings in this gallery are painted on Ampersand Aquabord.  It is an archival ash hardboard coated with a textured kaolin clay.  The painting is done on the clay surface then sealed with a UV light stabilizing varnish, allowing these paintings to be framed and displayed like oil paintings.  The varnish deepens the colors and produces a surface sheen similar to oil paintings.

Taos Noon
Sagebrush at Sunset
Rio Chama Overlook
Santa Fe Lantern
Dine" Treasures
The Crow's Way