Other Flowers & Foliage

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Like my paintings of tropical foliage, light and shadow are what draw my attention to a flower that I will eventually try to capture in a painting.

Ancestors and Orchids
This giant white moth orchid lives at Sunken Gardens in Saint Petersburg.  While looking through a book on butterflies  I came across the page on white moths.  The book described the (perhaps Chinese) belief that if you see a white moth you are being visited by the spirit of an ancestor. 

Leadville Poppy
Several homes in the historic town of Leadville, CO had masses of these red poppies in the front yard when I visited there in 2013.  It was several years before I got around to painting this one.

In the Spotlight
lives at Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota.

The three waterlilies paintings are all from photos I took at a pond full of large waterlilies maintained by a Catholic church in Palmetto, FL.


SOLD Ancestors and Orchids
Leadville Poppy
SOLD In the Spotlight
Floating on Air
Autumn Pond
Lily Pond
Sunshine in the Garden
Hanging Out
Victorian Hydragenia
Thoroughly Modern Magnolia