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Ancestors and Orchids
I saw this giant white moth orchid at Sunken Gardens in Saint Petersburg.  I took a number of photos of it but did nothing with them until I was looking through a book on butterflies, trying to identify a visitor to my garden.  I came across the page on white moths and the idea for this painting was born.  The book also described the (perhaps Chinese) belief that if you see a white moth you are being visited by the spirit of an ancestor.

Newest Paintings

A Touch of Ripe
A Touch of Ripe

There is a wall of sea grapes in a park near my home.  This past October they ripened with a more vibrant red than usual.  This is my favorite tropical foliage to paint.

New Prints on Line at

Abbey Art & Frame of Tampa will be carrying a number of prints made from some of my paintings.  No prints have been made from these paintings previously.  The prints may be bought framed or unframed and printed on a variety of surfaces, including aluminum.

Yellow Croton
Yellow Croton

This painting was done for a workshop at Keeton's Office & Art Supply in Bradenton.  It is on 11x14"Aquabord.  The croton is outside my front door and becomes sun struck every afternoon.

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Leadville Poppy
Several homes in the historic town of Leadville, CO had masses of these red poppies in the front yard when I visited there in 2013.  I admired the way the light was reflected off this full-blown poppy.  It took 18 months but I finally got around to painting it.

Leadville Poppy



Longboat Key 2016 Visitor Guide and Street Map

"This Way" will be the cover art for the 2016 Longboat Key Visitors Guide and the 2016 Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce Street Guide. 

This painting was a series of three paintings of a flock of white ibis wandering through the cypress on the banks of the Hillsborough River.  "This Way" has been sold but "Which Way" and "Thru Here" are still available.


Thru Here                        Which Way?