Paintings by Terry Denson
    Artist's Statement

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La Iglesia

A sharp shadow on a rounded leaf

Golden sunlight on the top of a red butte

The glow of tropical fruit

A small house huddled at the base of a red mesa

These will all grab my attention.  We pass things of beauty each day, often without noticing them.  We glimpse stories in parts of buildings, in the activities of people, in the contrast of light and texture.  I try to capture my personal reactions to these fleeting images, making them permanent and thus capable of being shared.  By doing so I hope to encourage others to seek out and cherish those unique things when they see them.

Watercolor is my primary medium because I love its vibrancy and clarity.  But I also paint in oils and acrylics because of their texture.

I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I have enjoyed painting them

Terry Denson
Saint Petersburg, FL