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Fall 2015/ Winter 2016


Nov 10                Demonstration:  Creative Artists Guild
1:00 pm               1st Methodist Church, 421 Main Street, Dunedin FL

Dec 8                Paint Around:  Keeton's Office & Art Supply
5:00 - 8pm         817 Manatee Ave. W, Bradenton, FL
                        Contact: 800-833-4735

                        Workshop Series:  Keeton's Office & Art Supply
                        817 Manatee Ave. W, Bradenton, FL
                        Contact: 800-833-4735

     This is a three workshop series that follows the design and creation of a painting from concept
through creation.  Each workshop can stand alone but each will also build on previous workshops.
It uses a combined left brain, right brain approach to helping the artist integrate and improve on
all aspects of creating a work of art.  Each workshop $35, all three for $90

Jan 8                 Workshop:  Keeton's Office & Art Supply  
9am to noon       Concept and Composition
Workshop participants will use design elements to generate ideas for paintings and to evaluate their own and others photos and drawings for composition and source material potential.  The photo safari and other techniques will be used to generate raw ideas.  Emphasis will then be on composing a drawing for a painting to create a work with impact, a strong concept, and track of vision.  A composition critique session for selected participants paintings will be included.

Feb 12               Workshop:  Keeton's Office & Art Supply
9am to noon       Contrast and Color
Workshop participants will develop their own unique color palette, learn to plan color schemes, and use a variety of contrast techniques, to include temperature, value, intensity, value and texture.  Several new texturing and paint application technoques and planning the combination of paint and liquid and dry inks will be covered.

Mar 11               Workshop:  Keeton's Office & Art Supply
9am to noon       Creating the Painting
Participants will start or continue work on their own drawings.  They will have the opportunity to try a variety of paper types as well as other painting surfaces, both conventional and unconventional.. They will learn to prepare unconventional surfaces for watercolor paint as well as preparing traditional watercolor paper in unusual ways.  Specific painting problems of individual workshop participants will be addressed.