Paintings by Terry Denson
A rotating selection of sold original paintings from which no prints were made.  If you see something you like and are interested in a similar painting please contact me.

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Tropical Foliage

Box of Nuts      Fiery Sea Grapes      Stately Birds        Glades Sentinel       Coming on to Red
                    Box of Nuts                                                 Fiery Sea Grapes                                          Stately Birds                                               Glades Sentinel                                 Coming on to  Red

American Florals

Still Lives  

                    Italian Gold                                     Golden Glow                                                Kitchen Drama                                              Not Two of a Kind                               Mango Morning    

           Gentle Magnolia                       Wild Roses          
                            Gentle Magnolia                                               A Very Young Chardonnay                                                   Wild Roses                                                          Beach Rose


Maine to California...and Beyond

              Waiting for Dinner                                          Beach Colors                                                       Sunrise at Payne's Prairie                                   Noon Pueblo                           The Life Guard